How To Know If A Guy Really Likes You

When experiencing the complex emotion of love for the first time – or even the tenth – women can find entering a relationship fairly anxiety provoking and stressful as well as experiencing the more positive and pleasant emotions too. Maybe things went wrong in your last relationship, and you’re worried about messing up again. This anxiety and apprehension can increase when they are uncertain of their partner’s level of interest in them or, indeed, whether he may have an ulterior motive for his relationship with you.

If you simply wish to calm your concerns and worries for a short while and just enjoy the attentions of your new partner, then here are some important facts and pieces of good advice that you may wish to adhere to and monitor within your new relationship, and which will very clearly indicate to you whether your partner really loves you as your relationship progresses and hopefully goes from strength to strength.

He calls you without giving any reason, just because he wants to.

If your partner calls you for no apparent reason this is a very good indicator that he is really interested in you. If a guy sees no reason to wait for a while in order to call you then this strongly suggests that he definitely wants to take your relationship seriously.

If you feel the same level of interest in him as he does in you, then it is wise and polite to return the favour and call him, but not too often; if you do this when he doesn’t expect it this will pleasantly surprise him and he will feel flattered that you are thinking of him also. This will give your relationship a truly positive beginning.

He can always find time for you.

No matter how busy his work or personal schedule he can always make some quality time to be with you and only you. If this is the case then you can be confident that he wishes to get to know much more about you. Ensure that you recognise his efforts by making quality time for him within your own busy work schedule; he will notice this and appreciate you all the more for it.

Of course, you’ll want to know he’s not cheating on you, so you can read the signs for that in our other article.

He talks positively to his friends about you.

A guy who really wants a good relationship with you nearly always cannot wait to tell his friends all about you, including details about your appearance, personality and those special important things about you that make him really interested in taking your relationship further. Hopefully, you will meet a sensitive and loving guy who will provide you with welcome attention often.

However, occasionally a guy may not tell his friends or close relatives about you. If you think he’s probably a more private person who would rather wait a while before disclosing his new relationship, there’s no need to be hurt or concerned about this; it does not necessarily indicate anything negative about you or about you both as a couple. Consider also, he may be worried that you might not like his friends or family.

If your partner does introduce you to his best friends then make an effort to get to know them as they are important to him; by introducing you to them he is showing them that you are now important to him also. This is actually a big step for him which he will not have done without some considered thought. Getting to know each others’ friends is part of the dating and relationships scene and it is important in helping to strengthen your own relationship and respect for each other.

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Signs That A Man Is Falling In Love

You’ve met someone you like a lot, but what does he think about you? Is he falling head over heels for you, or just looking for somebody to take to bed a couple of times? Here are some of the signs that might help you figure out how to know if a guy is falling in love with you.

He is active about seeking out your company.

When your guy makes a special effort to ask you to accompany him to every day events such as going to the café for lunch or to meet up after work, to take a walk in the park or even to the laundry to get some washing done, then this really does indicate that he is most probably interested in having your company for the long term future. Any guy who wants to be around you all the time is actively looking to share your life and probably falling in love.

He wants to get to know your friends.

When your partner shows a genuine interest in sharing his own friends with you and he also concentrates upon making a concerted effort to get to know your girlfriends too (with no flirtation involved), then it’s a sign that he is interested in an honest, committed relationship with you, and might be falling in love. He will want to show your friends that he is a genuine person who is serious about being with you in a loving relationship and all that brings with it. But don’t expect him to necessarily enjoy being introduced to your ex boyfriends!

He makes regular and sustained eye contact with you.

You can definitely be sure that your guy is interested in you when he consistently holds steady eye contact with you whilst you have a conversation with one another. This very strongly indicates that he wishes to know your real thoughts and ideas about different topics and that he would love to continue the conversation with you, so just relax with each other and talk with ease without worrying about saying the ‘wrong thing’; this does not matter when you are with the right person.

He actively listens to you.

If a guy listens attentively to what you have to say then there really is no doubt that he is interested in your opinions and feelings. It really does not matter whether he is relaying information or sharing a particular story, if he asks you to share your thoughts and then listens to you attentively whilst you answer, then it’s a good sign that he might be interested in sharing life with you.

He enjoys making physical contact with you.

Although to be touched or to touch another person is usually an affectionate and pleasant gesture, it does not necessarily indicate a strong desire for further physical contact. Of course, it’s important to figure out if he just wants sex or genuinely cares about you as a person, so look for non-sexual physical contact here. If your partner touches your arm, holds your hand at appropriate times or even strokes your back reassuringly, this indicates that he has respect and consideration for you and could be falling in love.

If you are mindful of these important signs and indicators which could be ways to know if a guy is falling in love with you, then they can help you to determine whether your partner is interested in taking things further with you as a couple. If you do feel ready for a more serious long term relationship with commitment, then it is extremely important to reciprocate the attention and interest that he regularly shows to you – without stalking him, of course! If you follow these guidelines carefully, then hopefully you will find yourself in a very happy, worthwhile and fruitful long term relationship.

How To Get Ex Boyfriend Back

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Do you want to know how to get your ex boyfriend back? It surely can prove to be a hard time when a man does decide to break it off with you. You probably don’t want to act like yourself or feel like yourself at this moment in time. Life doesn’t seem the same without him in it. It feels like it lost meaning without his presence. So, what are you to do, what is the answer?

Trying to get back with someone who has broken up with you is not an easy task to take on. For whatever the reason was, the other party just decided to call it quits, because they no longer wanted a relationship. They didn’t want to no longer work things out. They just wanted the relationship to end and that was it. It is always a whole lot easier to work on a relationship that you are still in, as opposed to one, which has saw an unhappy ending to it.

With all of this being said, you still can get ex boyfriend back, even if he did break up with you. However, the one thing that is critical to be sure of is this, and that is if you are 100% positive that you do want to be with him again. Your motives to wanting to get back with him must be the right kind of motives from the start. You don’t want to get him back simply because you can get him back. This is something that wouldn’t be right for either of you. There must be very good reasons for wanting to get him back. No more. No less than that.

The second thing that you must take into account is this. Sometimes, relationships do work, and other times they don’t. Some people can make up and make it work. Others have no choice but to pick up the pieces and go forward. There are others who can move on, but they don’t seem to capture the very same magic, which they did have in the relationship before. If you do try to make a go of it, and don’t succeed at it, at least take stock in knowing that you did try your very best to make it work.

If you would like to get your ex guy back, you must do one thing, as there is no room for negotiations here. You have to make sure to get your emotions into check. Men will not want to be with women who are not emotionally mature and cannot keep their emotions under control.

Most experts say you should stick to the 30 day no contact rule with an ex. If you try to contact him while your emotions are not under control, you may just end up doing more damage, which can be the very straw that will break all chances for getting back together with him. Therefore, don’t allow yourself to be an emotional mess, because this will only make him distance himself further away from you. Being an emotional wreck will only make him see, he did indeed make the right choice, when he decided to end the relationship. You want him to miss you, not the opposite, and by behaving like an emotional mess will not help things in your favor at all.

If, and when he does get in touch with you, do keep it brief on your end. Tell him that you have been very busy nonstop. Refuse to get mushy with him or let your feelings go gushing out. Sort of appear a bit indifferent and remain aloof. This will truly confuse him. If you do want him to see you again, make sure to only look your best, when you do see him. Do not let him touch or kiss you at all. Before you leave after your meeting with him, if you want to, just give him a nice friendly hug. No more than that. This will simply drive him totally crazy. After the first meeting, you should be able to get him back very easy, but do take it slow.

From this article, you can see, that you can get your guy back. You just have to keep a strong rein on your emotions. Keep on living your life to the fullest and always look your best. This is something that will help you to feel your very best. Do back off, and give him his space, this is the best thing to do. It will permit him to miss you, and most likely contact you, because he does want to see you again. When he does contact you, play the part of a little bit of a tease, and make him work to gain your love/affections again.

The best thing you can do for you is very clear, and that is to not worry about what he is doing, or also to feel sad about not having him in your life any more. The one thing that you can do is to live your life and live it for you. Prove to him that you can be very mature about the breakup and that you can rise above. Do remain faithful to all of your daily routines. Go and get your hair fixed or cut in a whole new way. Buy some nice new clothes. Wear makeup and clothes that will make you feel good about you again. Go and hang out with friends. Do things to keep yourself busy and just relax.

If you choose to remain active, and just live your life for you, and make a promise to yourself not to bother him at all. You may, very well, end up with a real chance to maybe get him back into your life. If you remain firm not to contact him by phone, email, text message, or any other way. He may eventually start to miss you and get in touch with you on his own, and you will have the best chance to get your ex boyfriend back that way.

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Is My Boyfriend Cheating? The Signs

Is my boyfriend cheating?Here are some of the signs to watch out for when you are wondering, ‘Is my boyfriend cheating’?

A perfect relationship in this day and age is rare and so it is important to try and look out for signs that may lead to problems in a relationship.

When choosing a boyfriend it is a good idea to try and analyze whether they seem like they are going to cheat on you, but it’s not always possible.

Some boyfriends are more obvious in their cheating ways. However, some are more subtle and know how to hide it.

So let’s look at some of the signs that a guy might be cheating on you.

Long stories

One thing to look out for is the story that your boyfriend may tell you after he has been somewhere or done something that you wish to know about. Often they will tell you long intricate stories which have a lot of details in them in order to make you think that they’re more genuine. This can be a sign that they are in fact lying and are doing things behind your back that they do not want you to know about.

Lies which are obvious

Some boyfriends will be good at lying, where as others will be completely awful at it. However good they are you should always be able to tell whether they’re lying so look out for signs that may show faults in the story cover-up or in the way in which they deliver information. If you can find a possibility of a lie, question him about it and you may find the truth of the matter.

Clues in his smell

Sometimes it is possible to get clues about your boyfriend’s activities through his smell. If he claims that he has been out with his friends then ask him where he may have gone. He may have a friend who smokes a lot and in this case would smell of cigarettes. If he smells of perfume and claims to have been out with his male friends all night, you may be able to get clues as to his real whereabouts.

A change in attitudes

If your boyfriend is involved in an affair, the feelings that he is dealing with may be too much and will change his attitude and his mindset. This may be a sign that something is wrong and should be observed. However, it may not always be the case that he is cheating if his attitude changes.

A change in behavior

Your boyfriend may also change his behaviors and this should also be observed as it may be a sign that he is in a different relationship. If he seems to be going out to strange locations at weird times of the day make a note of this and see how it develops. If his emotions towards you change and he is not feeling sexually active towards you, maybe is another sign that he is cheating.

But … don’t act if not sure

If any of the signs mentioned above do seem to begin happening take note of them and be alert, but do not make accusations too soon. If you are wrong you could ruin a relationship with a guy who was in fact faithful. It’s often difficult to get your ex boyfriend back if you made a mistake. So never accuse your boyfriend of cheating unless you have some hard evidence that shows that he was doing it and preferably catches him in the act.

In this situation you will just have to be wondering ‘Is my boyfriend cheating?’ for a while longer. Raise your awareness and keep an eye on your boyfriend to make sure that there aren’t any suspicious activities taking place.